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Sushi & Yakitori

Sushi says sit down.

Slide into that Eastern state of mind.


Yakitori , yes please.

Welcome to Japanese dining with an edge.

Delight in exceptional sushi. Revel in irresistible Yakitori.

Japanese cuisine Dubai

Contemporary, cutting-edge Japanese cuisine.

contemporary cutting-edge Japanese cuisine

Welcome to SushiYaki.

Sushiyaki - memorable Japanese dining experiences


A term relating to one’s reason for being. Ours is offering premium, memorable Japanese dining experiences with a distinct SushiYaki edge.



Elegantly edgy. Contemporary and timeless.

Sit, stand, perch, comfortable around classic Japanese imagery with that SushiYaki edge.


A vibrant bustling deck next to
Tranquil waters in esteemed souk madinat jumeirah

The perfect stage for a Japanese feast.

Sushi says so